10 Differences Between 10 and 20 developer

10 Developer vs 20 Developer: Understanding the Differences

When it comes to hair color developers, the terms “10 developer” and “20 developer” often come up. These developers play a crucial role in the hair coloring process, but what exactly do they do? What are their uses and differences? In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about 10 developer and 20 developer. Whether you’re a professional hairstylist or someone interested in dyeing your own hair, understanding the differences between these two developers is essential. Let’s dive in!

What is 10 Developer?

10 developer, also known as 10 volume developer, is a hydrogen peroxide-based solution used in conjunction with hair dye or bleach. It contains a lower volume of peroxide, typically around 3%, making it a milder option. Due to its lower strength, it is best suited for subtle color changes, such as going darker or toning highlights. It is also gentle on the hair, making it ideal for those with sensitive scalps or damaged hair.

Uses of 10 Developer:

1. Toning highlights: 10 developer is commonly used to tone down brassy or yellow tones in previously highlighted hair.

2. Darkening hair: If you want to go a shade or two darker, 10 developer helps deposit color without excessive lightening.

3. Covering gray hair: When aiming to cover grays, 10 developer is effective in providing a more natural-looking result.

4. Lowlighting: It is utilized to add depth to the hair by applying darker shades in certain sections.

5. Sensitive scalp: Due to its gentle formula, 10 developer is suitable for individuals with sensitive scalps.

What is 20 Developer?

20 developer, also referred to as 20 volume developer, is another hydrogen peroxide-based solution used in hair coloring processes. It contains a higher volume of peroxide, usually around 6%, making it stronger than 10 developer. Its strength allows for more significant color changes, including lifting natural hair color and achieving vibrant results. However, the higher peroxide content may cause more damage to the hair, so caution is advised.

Uses of 20 Developer:

1. Lightening hair: 20 developer is often used in combination with bleach to lighten hair by several shades.

2. Vivid and vibrant colors: It is instrumental in achieving vibrant and intense color results, perfect for fantasy or fashion shades.

3. Gray coverage: Like 10 developer, 20 developer is effective in covering gray hair but provides a more significant color change.

4. High lift blonde shades: If you’re aiming to achieve a high lift blonde shade, 20 developer is the preferred choice.

5. Root touch-ups: 20 developer can be used for root touch-ups when a slight lightening effect is desired.

Differences between 10 and 20 Developer

Difference Area 10 Developer 20 Developer
Strength Milder Stronger
Color Change Subtle Significant
Damage to Hair Less More
Lightening Capacity Low High
Gray Coverage Natural-looking More significant
Suitability for Sensitive Scalp Best May cause more irritation
Vivid Color Results No Yes
Depth and Dimension Subtle More noticeable
Preferred for Toning, covering grays, lowlighting Lightening, vivid colors, root touch-ups
Damage to Hair Minimal Possible, especially with prolonged use


In summary, the choice between 10 developer and 20 developer depends on the desired hair color change and the condition of your hair. While 10 developer offers subtle changes and is gentler, 20 developer provides more significant lightening and vibrant results, but with the potential for increased damage. Always consider your hair’s health and follow the instructions provided with the hair dye or bleach you’re using.

People Also Ask:

Q: Can I mix 10 and 20 developer?

A: It is not recommended to mix 10 and 20 developer as they have different strengths and intended uses. Mixing them may result in unpredictable and undesired color outcomes.

Q: Can I use 10 volume developer to lighten my hair?

A: 10 volume developer is not designed for significant lightening. It is best used for subtle color changes or toning.

Q: Will 20 developer damage my hair?

A: Using 20 developer may cause more damage to the hair compared to 10 developer, especially if used frequently or for extended periods. Take precautions and follow proper hair care routines.

Q: What developer should I use to cover grays?

A: Both 10 and 20 volume developers can be used to cover grays. However, if you prefer a more noticeable color change, 20 volume developer would be more suitable.

Q: Can I use 20 volume developer for darker shades?

A: It is not necessary to use 20 volume developer for darker shades as 10 volume developer is usually sufficient. Using a higher volume developer may strip away natural pigments unnecessarily.

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