Difference between Blog and Vlog

Difference between Blog and Vlog

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For many individuals, businesses, firms,  blog and vlog can be valuable marketing tools. Blogging and vlogging have become popular ways to make money by generating material or creating videos. Nowadays many people are creating blog writing and vlogging as their profession and there are many digital content jobs and many other opportunities to tune their career towards passion.

Formation of blog and vlog is easy and there is no certain structure to blog or vlog. Everyone has their own skills and way of presentations.

So, Blog and vlog are not the same and there are certain differences between them. By the end of this article, you will know the clear differences between the blog and vlog. But before that, we will know what is blog and vlog  

What is a Blog?

Bloggers generate content in the form of text. They typically maintain a website where they post blog articles.

Bloggers are people who enjoy sharing their interests or experiences with others for the sake of entertainment, but the majority of them make money by following the principles of blogging and turning their site into a professional blog.

Blogging does not necessitate a specific location or time; all that is required is an Internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. Keep in mind, however, that before you can take on the role of a blogger, you must have sufficient and in-depth knowledge of the relevant topic.

What is Vlog?

A vlog or video log is a blog type made by means of video media. It’s a web-based TV form that combines text, photographs, and video information. People who use video for blogging are preferably known as vlogger people where vloggers are chosen as their future career path by those who tend to publish written documents on whatever subject it is known as blogging.

Vlogger- A vlogger is a person who creates a video blog. A blogger is someone who creates a video for a blog, while a vlogger is someone who creates a video for a blog. Anyone who can make a video and post it to a video on demand (VOD) service is referred to as a vlogger.

A blog is a video of oneself discussing a certain topic; for example, unboxing of a new phone, daily activities, tour vlogs, etc;

Difference between Blog and Vlog

Blog Vlog
Word means
A blog is a shortcut to a weblog. A vlog is a video and blog combination
A blog is a website or webpage consisting mainly of content, text, and images that are updated regularly. A vlog is a blog in which the contents are mainly in video format.
Platforms to host
Blog hosting platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Slideshare, Wix, etc; Vlogs are mostly hosted on youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, etc;
This is a cheap way that does not cost the web hosting charges only a lot. Vlogs are free as one can create short videos from your own smart gadgets
Blogs are not so engaged as vlogs Vlogs are more engaged than blogs and reach the audience.
Blogs or blog writers encash money through affiliate links. Vlogs make money out of advertisement

Bottom line:

As a result of the preceding discussion,  we can say that The blog and the vlog are two powerful communication platforms that constantly compete with one another. The difference between a blog and vlog is is that a blog is related to a website where we may find written content on any subject. A vlog, on the other hand, is a video that is posted on a certain topic.

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