10 Differences Between bs4 and bs6

BS4 VS BS6: A Comprehensive Comparison

Keeping up with the latest technologies and standards is essential for web developers. When it comes to HTML parsers, two popular libraries are widely used – Beautiful Soup 4 (BS4) and Beautiful Soup 6 (BS6). In this article, we will explore the differences between BS4 and BS6, their features, examples, and use cases. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of which version is best suited for your projects.

What is BS4?

Beautiful Soup 4, or BS4, is a Python library used for web scraping purposes. It provides an easy-to-use interface for parsing HTML and XML documents. BS4 allows web developers to extract data from websites by navigating and searching through the parsed tree structure.

Examples of BS4

Here are a few examples to showcase the power of BS4:

  • Scraping product details from an e-commerce website
  • Extracting news articles from a news website
  • Obtaining weather information from a weather website

Uses of BS4

BS4 is commonly used for various tasks, such as:

  • Web scraping for data collection
  • Automating repetitive data extraction tasks
  • Processing HTML and XML documents

What is BS6?

Beautiful Soup 6, or BS6, is the latest version of the Beautiful Soup library. It comes with several improvements and new features over BS4. It is also backward compatible with BS4, ensuring a seamless transition for developers.

Examples of BS6

Here are a few examples to highlight the capabilities of BS6:

  • Parsing and extracting data from modern HTML5 websites
  • Handling complex CSS selectors and custom attribute handling
  • Supporting advanced crawling and scraping scenarios

Uses of BS6

BS6 is typically used for the following tasks:

  • Advanced web scraping and data extraction
  • Handling complex HTML structures
  • Supporting modern web scraping requirements

Differences between BS4 and BS6

Let’s compare BS4 and BS6 based on various criteria:

Difference Area BS4 BS6
Parsing HTML5 Documents BS4 does not handle HTML5 features effectively. BS6 provides better support for parsing modern HTML5 documents.
CSS Selector Handling BS4 has limited support for advanced CSS selectors. BS6 offers enhanced handling of complex CSS selectors.
Attribute Handling BS4 has basic support for custom attribute handling. BS6 includes improved support for handling custom attributes.
Performance BS4 may have slower performance when dealing with large HTML files. BS6 is optimized for better performance, especially with large datasets.
Documentation BS4 has extensive documentation and a large user community. BS6 has updated documentation with new features and examples.
Compatibility BS4 may lack compatibility with certain HTML elements or structures. BS6 ensures better compatibility with modern HTML elements.
Development Status BS4 is no longer actively maintained, with limited updates. BS6 is the latest version and receives active maintenance and updates.
Crawling Capabilities BS4 lacks advanced crawling functionalities. BS6 offers improved crawling capabilities for complex scenarios.
Community Support BS4 has a large community with extensive support resources. BS6 has a growing community with increasing support resources.
Integration BS4 can be easily integrated with various Python frameworks. BS6 provides seamless integration with modern Python frameworks.


In summary, both BS4 and BS6 are powerful HTML parsing libraries, but they differ in terms of modern HTML5 support, CSS selector handling, performance, and various other factors. If you are working with complex HTML structures, require advanced crawling capabilities, or need compatibility with modern web elements, BS6 is the recommended option. However, if you are working on simple data extraction tasks and stability is your priority, BS4 can still be a suitable choice.

People Also Ask

Here are some commonly asked questions about BS4 and BS6:

Q: Can I use BS6 in my existing BS4 projects?

A: Yes, BS6 is backward compatible with BS4, so you can seamlessly transition to BS6 without major code changes.

Q: Which version of Beautiful Soup is more popular?

A: BS4 has been around for a longer time, making it more widely used and having a larger community. However, BS6 is gaining popularity with its improvements and new features.

Q: Are there any performance differences between BS4 and BS6?

A: Yes, BS6 is optimized for better performance, especially when handling large HTML datasets. You may notice improved speed and efficiency with BS6.

Q: Can I scrape modern websites with BS4?

A: While BS4 can handle most websites, it may lack support for certain HTML5 features. If you specifically need to scrape modern websites, BS6 is recommended.

Q: Is it worth migrating from BS4 to BS6?

A: If you are already using BS4 and require the additional features and improvements of BS6, it is worth considering the migration. However, if your current setup is stable and meets your requirements, migrating may not be necessary.

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