Difference between chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers

Difference Between Chemical fertilizers and Organic fertilizers

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What is Chemical Fertilizers??

Chemical fertilizers are partially or completely synthetic in origin. Plants get many of their nutrients from the soil. The quantity of nutrients decreases if plants absorb them. 


Urea, NPK, Superphosphate are chemical nutrients that make the soil sustain plant growth.

What is Organic Fertilizers??

Organic farming farmers use bio-fertilizers, instead of using chemical fertilizers and synthetic pyrethroids, to get higher yielding.

To maintain soil productivity organic farming came into existence and farmers use natural manures and natural pest-controlling methods and also they are practicing crop rotation and mixed crop systems.

Difference Between Chemical Fertilizers and Organic Fertilizers:

Chemical fertilizers Organic fertilizers
Chemical fertilizers are manufactured from synthetic material. Organic fertilizers are made from materials derived from living things.
Artificially prepared Prepared naturally. One can prepare organic fertilizers, themselves or can buy.
Costly Cheap
NPK Ratio
20 to 60 % About 14%
Have equal distribution of three essential nutrients: phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium. Have unequal distribution of essential nutrients.
Rate of production
High, because of the immediate supply of nutrients. Moderate, because of slow release of nutrients.
Chemical fertilizers are rich equally in three essential nutrients i.e., nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that are needed for crops and always ready for immediate supply of nutrients to plants if the situation demands. Add nutrients to the soil, increase soil organic matter, improve soil structure, improve water holding capacity, reduce soil crusting problems, reduce erosion from wind and water, slow and consistent release of nutrients.
Several chemical fertilizers have high acid content. They have the ability to burn Have slow release capability distribution of nutrients in organic fertilizers is not

Bottom line:

As a result of the preceding discussion, the difference between chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers is a chemical fertilizer is any inorganic material of wholly or partially synthetic origin that is added to soil to promote plant growth. Organic fertilizers are substances derived from organisms’ remains or byproducts.

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