Difference between Entrepreneur and Manager

Difference Between Entrepreneur and Manager

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In simple terms, An entrepreneur is the company’s owner, whereas a manager is a company’s employee. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers who put their businesses at risk financially. The entrepreneur has a goal in mind and is focused on success and profit. The difference between an entrepreneur and a manager is their organizational job.

In this article, you will know some other difference between Entrepreneur and Manager.

Meaning of Entrepreneur:

The word entrepreneur comes from the French language, where it was first used to describe someone who organizes musical or other entertainments. The term “entrepreneur” is employed in a variety of ways and with different perspectives. These viewpoints are divided into three categories: risk-taker, organizer, and innovator. Thus, an entrepreneur is someone who strives to create something new, organizes production, takes chances, and manages the economic uncertainty that comes with running a business.

Meaning of Manager:

A manager is someone who is in charge of a specific area of a corporation, or they ‘manage‘ the company. Managers may be in control of an entire department as well as the people that work there. The manager may be in control of the entire company in some situations. A ‘restaurant manager,’ for example, is in charge of the entire establishment.

On a daily level, the Manager’s responsibilities include managing personnel or a sector of the organization.

Sometimes the terms entrepreneur and manager are considered a synonym. In fact, the two terms are economic concepts but two with two different meanings. 

The following are the difference between entrepreneur and manager

Difference Between Entrepreneur and Manager:

Entrepreneur Manager
An entrepreneur's primary goal is to establish a business and begin a venture. He recognizes that the venture is for his own personal gain. However, a manager's primary motivation is to provide services to an organization that has already been established by someone else.
An entrepreneur is the enterprise owner. A manager works in an enterprise owned by the entrepreneur.
An entrepreneur is the enterprise owner, and he or she bears all of the risks and uncertainties that come with running an enterprise. As manager works and is not the owner of the enterprise. he/she does not bear any risk involved in the enterprise.
An entrepreneur is compensated for taking on business risks in the form of profit, which is highly uncertain. A manager gets a return for his contributions to the company and is paid a salary. A manager's remuneration is predictable and fixed.
The entrepreneur considers what and how to make production in order to suit changing customer wants. As a result, he operates as an innovator, often known as a "change agent." A manager, on the other hand, does nothing but carry out the entrepreneur's plans. As a result, a manager simply puts the entrepreneur's ideas into action.
A high accomplishment motive, originality in thinking, insight, risk-bearing capacity, and other skills and qualifications are required of an entrepreneur. A manager, on the other hand, must have specific qualifications in terms of competent management theory and practice.

Bottom line:

As a result of the preceding discussion, It is obvious that an entrepreneur is not the same as a manager. An entrepreneur can sometimes also be a manager, but a manager cannot be an entrepreneur. After all, an entrepreneur is an owner, but a manager is an employee or worker in an enterprise.

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