10 Differences Between galaxy buds 2 and pro

Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Galaxy Buds Pro: Exploring the Key Differences

Are you confused about whether to choose the Galaxy Buds 2 or the Galaxy Buds Pro? In this article, we will compare these two popular earbuds from Samsung and help you make an informed decision. Read on to understand their features, uses, and most importantly, the differences between them.

What are Galaxy Buds 2?

Galaxy Buds 2 are the latest addition to Samsung’s lineup of wireless earbuds. These lightweight and compact earbuds provide an immersive audio experience and come packed with an array of features.

Uses of Galaxy Buds 2:

– High-quality audio playback for music, podcasts, and calls.

– Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to eliminate background noise.

– Built-in ambient mode to stay aware of the surroundings.

– Intuitive touch controls for music playback and phone calls.

– Long-lasting battery life with quick charging support.

– Seamless integration with Samsung devices and ecosystem.

What is Galaxy Buds Pro?

Galaxy Buds Pro are the flagship earbuds offered by Samsung. They are designed to provide a premium audio experience and offer numerous advanced features.

Uses of Galaxy Buds Pro:

– Superior audio quality with immersive sound.

– Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation to block out external distractions.

– Voice detection for seamless transition between conversations and playback.

– Enhanced 360-degree audio for an immersive surround sound experience.

– Advanced hearing and sound equalizer customization.

– Water and sweat resistance, making them suitable for workouts.

Differences between Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro

Difference Area Galaxy Buds 2 Galaxy Buds Pro
Design Compact and lightweight Premium and sleek
Audio Quality High-quality sound Immersive audio experience
Noise Cancellation Active Noise Cancellation Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation
Voice Pickup Voice detection for easy conversations
360-degree Audio Enhanced immersive surround sound
Hearing Customization Advanced hearing equalizer
Water Resistance Water and sweat resistant
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life Long-lasting with quick charging support Longer battery life
Price Relatively lower price Higher price


In conclusion, both the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro offer excellent audio experiences and feature-rich functionalities. If you are looking for a more affordable option with active noise cancellation, the Galaxy Buds 2 is a great choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a premium design, enhanced audio quality, and advanced features like voice detection and 360-degree audio, the Galaxy Buds Pro is the way to go. Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities and budget.

People Also Ask:

Q: Are Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro compatible with iPhone?
A: Yes, both the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro can be used with iPhones, although some features may be limited compared to using them with Samsung devices.

Q: Can I use the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro for workouts?
A: While both models offer water and sweat resistance, the Galaxy Buds Pro provide a higher level of protection, making them more suitable for intense workouts.

Q: How long does it take to charge the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro?
A: The Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro support quick charging, allowing you to get several hours of playback with just a few minutes of charging. The exact charging time may vary depending on the charging method and battery level.

Q: Can I use the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro during phone calls?
A: Yes, both models have built-in microphones and offer excellent call quality. You can use them for phone calls without any issues.

Q: Which earbuds have a longer battery life, Galaxy Buds 2 or Galaxy Buds Pro?
A: The Galaxy Buds Pro have a slightly longer battery life compared to the Galaxy Buds 2. However, both models provide ample battery life for several hours of continuous usage.

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