Difference Between Genotype and Phenotype

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What is Genotype? 

A genotype refers to the genetic code of the individual. It is the hereditary information present in the DNA and is responsible for individual characteristics. Organisms that look the same do not have the same genotype. It can only be determined by biological tests. 

Example: Eye color, height, some genetic diseases etc. 

The change in eye color of an independent is dependent upon the gene, the allele is either blue or brown. One allele from the mother and the other from the father. 

What is A Phenotype? 

A phenotype is determined by the genotype of an individual along with many other factors like environmental modifications (like temperature, nutrition, stress, and humidity), lifestyle factors, and some epigenetic modifications. Genotype is inherited from parents but the phenotype is not inherited. 

Example: Flamingos are the best example of a phenotype. Generally, flamingos are white in color but due to the diet they are taking, they become pink to vibrantly pink color. 

Example: Exposure to UV rays causes darkening of skin due to darkening of our melanin

Differences Between Genotype and Phenotype

Genotype Phenotype
A genotype is the hereditary information present in the form of a set of DNA and it remains the same throughout life. A phenotype is a characteristic of an individual that is visible to other people and can be observed.
The same genotype produces the same phenotype. The same phenotype may or may not belong to the same genotype.
The genotypes are inherited from the parent to the offspring. Phenotypes are not inherited from the parent.
Genotype is present inside the body in the genetic material. Phenotype can be observed as it is the external appearance.
Genes affect genotype. Phenotypes are affected by genotypes and environmental conditions.
Genotypes can be determined by scientific methods such as polymerase chain reactions. Phenotypes can be determined by observing the Organism.
Eye color, height, genetic diseases, etc. Weight, physique, beak of birds, the color of flamingos, etc.


Genotype and phenotype may sound similar but there is a large difference between them. Genotype is the genetic information present inside an individual whereas phenotype can be visible to other people and can be observed. 

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