Difference between Human Resource Management and Marketing Management

Difference between Human Resource Management and Marketing Management

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Every organization contains different departments to help in organization growth and effectiveness. The department’s Financial Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management are considered as main and functional departments.

This article concentrates on differentiating functions, activities, problems, etc of Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. 


Human resource Management is the name of the function within an organization which is responsible for implementing strategies and policies related to the management of individuals in the organization.Human Resource Management is the most important part of any organization. The reason is that there is a serious need to deal with people and manage people in every organization.There are many responsibilities of an HR in every organization. HRM deals with people management, human resource development, and employee legal issues.


⦿ Recruitment
⦿ Selection of candidates
⦿ Induction, training, and orientation
⦿ Retention of employees
⦿ Designing performance evaluating systems,
⦿ Career planning,
⦿ Counselling and performance appraisal etc.,


Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.Every organization needs different marketing teams and strategies to sell different products & services.marketing personnel is to deal with a large number of customers to improve the customer base and to sell the products to people, to maintain cordial relations with the customers. Marketing Management deals with Marketing, sales, branding, finance, advertisement, people management etc.


⦿ Analysing & assessing product feasibility
⦿ Design marketing strategies
⦿ Setting marketing and promotional goals
⦿ Branding of products
⦿ Planning of advertisement campaigns
⦿ Budget allocating for advertisement campaigns
⦿ Promotional campaigns
⦿ Client research etc.,

Difference Between Human Resource Management and Marketing Management

Now let us see some of the top differences between Human Resource Management and Marketing management in the table given below.

Human Resources Management deals with the management of the work force Marketing management makes more profit for the organisation as well as creating a customer relationship
HRM controls every staff member across the organization, the HR team consists few members actually HR team, is a smaller team. Organisations require different marketing teams and strategies to sell different products & services therefore, it needs a bigger marketing team
Job Security
HR jobs are not influenced by market conditions.so, it comes with less risk and more job security. Marketing job is based on performance, and markets are unpredictable.Hence it poses a higher risk to job security for non-performers in the organisation.
HRM evaluates performance and design suitable plans to create an equal balance and ensures retaining talented people. Marketing Management designs innovative promotional strategies that stand across people and challenges market conditions to bring in profits all time.
Risk of Work
HR is easy during studying it. career wise, it is not that fun but it is not risky. when a company is downsizing its functions they start with the marketing department while the HR people are in the safe zone. Marketing is fun, creative and amusing. Career wise, Marketing career have more risk and most companies confuse marketing with sales so you might end up working as a sales associate.
HR team delegates right person to the right job, which ensures smooth working and stability to the organisation. Marketing team brings in sales money, which runs the organisation.
HRM is how to handle your staff so that they are maximum productive. Marketing management is responsible for handling a team of business development executives. Revenue generation will be your aim in this case
human resource management targets the human capital or employee resource of your organization. Marketing management is all about satisfying your customer.

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