Difference between Immigration and Emigration

Difference between Immigration and Emigration

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Let’s not be confused about immigration or emigration!

In general, the words ‘Immigration and Emigration’ are often confused because of the very same significance. There is, however, a slight difference, and knowing the difference can help you in any aspect.

What is Immigration?

Immigration is worldwide a highly sensitive issue. Most developed countries, such as the USA, have very strict immigration legislation to control the continuous movement of persons in their country.

Different pull factors attract immigrants. In other words, they are the principal reasons behind a person moving between places. One of the most popular pull factors is better to work chances or higher pay.

According to many studies, in their country of origin, immigrants to developed countries are educated more than their average person. They are therefore more likely to obtain good opportunities for employment abroad.

What is Emigration?

The origin of emigration is the word “emigrate,” defined as “moving.”

Emigration could have an impact on the country that is both positive and negative. When an individual leaves a country, both consumer and labor expenditure decrease. When the workforce is over-saturated the unemployment will be reduced and the country of origin will have a positive effect.

In case of a different emigration, the country could deprive its qualified workforce. This is mostly the case in most of the world’s developing countries, where skilled workers emigrate to developed economies due to higher job opportunities and wages.

Difference between Immigration and Emigration

Immigration Emigration
Emigrate is to leave one’s country in order to settle in another country. Immigrate means to enter a new country, of which one is not a native to settle.
Trick to remember
Immigration - I for in and which means migrate to another country. Emigration - E for exit and that means migrate out of the country.
People from developing countries are immigrants to a better standard of living in a developed country. People from developing countries emigrate in the search for better living in developing countries.
Always focuses on the point of departure. Immigrate focuses on the point of arrival.
Come to America! You will have to go through certain formalities before you can immigrate though. Thousands of people emigrate from Spain.

Bottom line: 

As a result of the preceding discussion, In terms of immigration and emigration, the difference in use depends on where we are. The movement of people from one place to another is a summary of both immigration and emigration. The biggest difference in perception is between the two terms. The person is an immigrant in the host country, while the person is an emigrant to his home country.

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