Difference between Individual house and Apartment

Difference Between Individual house and Apartment

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Have you ever dreamed of having a living space? What do you prefer? An apartment or individual house? When we think of a space to lead our life and to live with our family, we will definitely pose a question about living in an apartment or a house. Some people like to prefer to live in a house, and the others feel that there are more perks if they live in an apartment. Here the location they choose, and their financial status, and the personal preference are the major factors that they determine that if they would buy an apartment or a house. Here the apartments and houses both have their advantages and disadvantages individually.

The biggest advantage in owning an independent house to my mind is that you have control over the design and architecture of the house along with cost effective use of materials used and the quality. You have a wide choice of dwellings at various price points at various locations with specifications according to one’s means and choices.
It has been observed that the cost of maintaining an independent house is more it has been observed that the cost of maintaining an apartment flat is less when compared to independent house
While an apartment property comes with added values, such as security, enough parking space, power back-up, water systems and fire safety mechanism in place An independent property needs extra effort for setting up of these services. This would also include an extra cost of 2-3% of the total property value
The cost of buying an independent house is much higher than that of buying an apartment hence in case of a home loan the requirement will increase in a corresponding manner. It would include the price of the plot, the stamp duty to be paid to the Govt., the clearances required from various authorities, the cost for an electricity connection, raw materials, labour costs depending on city, and the architect fees in case of renovations. In case of an apartment, the builder takes care of the technical formalities and buyer just has to pay the requisite amount for the apartment and move in whenever one desires.
The lending is difficult in the case of independent properties because of unaccounted cash component and it is difficult to ascertain the value of an independent house. In case you are buying the property by taking a home loan, it is easier to get the loan for an apartment than an independent property.


There are pros and cons for both the choices which can be swayed calculating on a person’s circumstance. mostly, living in a house is more appropriate for larger tenancies and those who prefer a quiet lifestyle. At the same time, individuals who value convenience and relish the busy dynamics of a city may lean towards apartments, especially if they are on a budget

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