difference between LPG and wood as fuels

Difference Between LPG and Wood as Fuel

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LPG and wood are two different substances and those are used as fuel and the Difference between LPG and Wood as Fuel are detailed in this article with examples.

What is LPG?

LPG also said as Liquefied petroleum gas is used as another fuel for vehicles. It also assesses liquefied petroleum gas as another fuel in terms of emission production.LPG is obtained while gas and oil extraction, or as a by-product of manufacturing during the refining of petroleum.

LPG major components are propane and butane.
Propane – C3H8 may well be a saturated hydrocarbon having an energy value of 46 MJ.kg-1 and a calorific value of 11,070 kJ.kg-1.
Butane – C4H10 is an extremely inflammable and easy liquefiable gas having an energy value of 45 MJ.kg-1 and a calorific value of 10,920 kJ.kg-1.

LPG may be a mix of propane, butane and also other substances but a tiny low amount. Propane and butane combination is liquefied by cooling to a coffee temperature. When being liquefied, the mixture volume is reduced 260 times compared with the gaseous phase. LPG is also a fuel substance almost like petrol. Its energy value is about 45 MJ.kg1 and it is a density of 0.55kg .l -1.
LPG is lighter than water and as liquid heavier than air in its gaseous form.

When bearing in mind its effects on human health, LPG might be nontoxic, although, it’s unbreathable with slightly contain toxic effects. the combination of propane and butane is colourless and odourless. so on smell the LPG leakage, few added components are needed. As LPG is utilized as a fuel, its value of octane is incredibly important.
Generally, the gas stored during a liquid form is stressed within the steel container, like a cylinder or a tank. The pressure will depend upon the kind of LPG and also the skin temperature.

What is Wood fuel?

Wood fuel is also cited as fuelwood. this sort used depends upon factors like source, quantity, quality and application. As we all know that in many areas, wood is one all told the foremost easily available sort of fuel, and for this, no tools are required. Wood fuel is also a fuel like firewood, charcoal, chips, sheets, pellets, and sawdust
In the case of studying dead wood, or few tools, although as in any industry, specialized tools, like skidders and hydraulic wood splitters, are developed to mechanize production. Sawmill waste and construction industry by-products also include various styles of lumber tailings.

The discovery of the way to create fire for the aim of burning wood is taken into account as one of all humanity’s most important advances. the use of wood as a fuel source for heating is way older than civilization and is assumed to possess been utilized by Neanderthals. Today, the burning of wood is that the most important use of energy derived from solid fuel biomass. Wood fuel is often used for cooking and heating, and sometimes for fuelling steam engines and steam turbines that generate electricity. Wood could even be used indoors in an exceedingly very furnace, stove, or fireplace, or outdoors in furnace, campfire, or bonfire.

Wood fuels are a widely available energy resource and, when utilized sustainably, can have a big role within the worldwide transition to renewable energy both within the developing and within the developed countries.
Wood is also used as fuel directly in its original form or after processing or transformation into charcoal, pellets, briquettes or chips, or into various products in liquid or gaseous forms.

Difference Between LPG and Wood as Fuel

LPG is a gaseous fuel Wood is a solid fuel
It does not cause any environmental pollution It causes environmental pollution by releasing unburnt particles into the air
Health problems
LPG doesn't cause health problems Wood fuel causes choking and dizziness
LPG is a smoke-free fuel It releases a lot of smoke
Calorific value
LPG is more calorific value about 55,000kg WOOD has a less calorific value having about 22,000kg
LPG has a low ignition Wood has a high ignition
It can be easily stored It requires a lot of storage space


Hence, We Conclude that the Difference between LPG and Wood as Fuel As compared to wood, LPG provides more heat per kilogram. A gram of wood contains about 17 to 22 KJ/kg fewer calories than a gram of LPG Since it requires large vehicles, it can’t be transported easily like LPG fuel. Inflammation temperatures are low for LPG.

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