Difference between mixtures and compounds

Difference Between Mixtures and Compounds

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In general, There are physical and chemical components. Briefly, Mixtures and Compounds are two or more elements and substances that combine together forms chemically and physically.

Meaning of Mixtures:

A mixture is a material made up of two or more different substances which are not chemically combined. 


  1. Dirt and water(mud)
  2. Sand, water and gravel (cement)
  3. Oxygen and water (seafoam)
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Meaning of Compounds:

A compound pure substance that can be separated into two or more components only by means of a chemical reaction.


  1. Salt – Nacl
  2. Water – H2O
  3. Ammonia – NH3
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Difference Between Mixtures and Compounds:

Mixtures Compounds
Elements or compounds just mix together to form a mixture and no new compound is formed. Elements react to form new compounds.
A mixture is a variable composition. The composition of each new substance is always fixed.
A mixture shows the properties of the constituent substances. The new substance has totally different properties.
The constituents can be separated fairly easily by physical methods. The constituents can be separated only by chemical or electrochemical reactions.
They don't show their own characteristics. They show their own characteristics.
The ratio of mixture components can vary. Present in a fixed ratio.

Bottom line:

As a result of the preceding discussion, Mixtures are variable composition and Compounds are of each substance are always fixed. They have their own properties, characteristics, constituents, and ratio.

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