10 Differences Between normal and tatkal passport

What is a normal passport?

A normal passport is a standard travel document issued by a government to its citizens for international travel. It is the most common type of passport and is suitable for regular travel purposes. Normal passports are processed through the standard application process and usually have a longer processing time compared to tatkal passports.

Examples of normal passport:

1. John, a student, applied for a normal passport to study abroad for a semester.

2. Sarah, a businesswoman, obtained a normal passport to attend conferences and meetings in different countries.

Uses of normal passport:

1. International travel: Normal passports allow individuals to travel to foreign destinations for tourism, education, business, or personal reasons.

2. Identification: A normal passport serves as an identity document in various situations, such as opening bank accounts or applying for visas.

3. Proof of citizenship: It is an official document that verifies an individual’s nationality and citizenship.

What is a tatkal passport?

A tatkal passport is an expedited or fast-track passport service offered by some countries to provide urgent passport issuance. It is designed for individuals who require a passport on short notice due to unforeseen circumstances or urgent travel plans. Tatkal passports have a faster processing time compared to normal passports, but they often involve additional fees.

Examples of tatkal passport:

1. Mark, a businessman, urgently needed a tatkal passport to attend an important international conference that was scheduled within a week.

2. Lisa, a student, lost her normal passport a few days before her study abroad program and had to apply for a tatkal passport to avoid missing her flight.

Uses of tatkal passport:

1. Emergency travel: Tatkal passports are suitable for individuals who need to travel urgently due to medical emergencies, family crises, or other unforeseen situations.

2. Last-minute travel plans: If someone suddenly receives an opportunity or invitation requiring immediate travel, a tatkal passport can help facilitate the process.

Differences Between Normal and Tatkal Passport:

Difference Area Normal Passport Tatkal Passport
Processing Time Longer processing time Expedited processing time
Application Fees Standard fees Additional fees
Documentation Requirements Standard documentation Additional documentation may be required
No. of Appointments One appointment Additional appointment or faster processing at the passport office may be required
Reason for Urgency No specific urgency required Valid reason for urgent travel required
Validity Standard validity as per passport regulations Standard validity as per passport regulations
Availability Available to all eligible citizens Available based on specific eligibility criteria set by the government
Issuance Process Through the regular passport application process Through the expedited tatkal passport application process
Number of Copies Single copy of passport issued Single copy of passport issued
Tracking Facility Standard passport tracking facility available Standard passport tracking facility available


In summary, a normal passport is the standard passport issued for regular travel purposes, while a tatkal passport is an expedited passport service for urgent travel needs. The main differences between them lie in the processing time, fees, documentation requirements, and the reason for urgency. Both types of passports serve the purpose of international travel and identification, but tatkal passports are specifically designed to cater to emergencies or immediate travel plans.

People Also Ask:

Q1: Can I apply for a normal passport if I have urgent travel plans?

A1: Yes, you can apply for a normal passport, but it may not be suitable for urgent travel. In such cases, a tatkal passport is recommended.

Q2: How much does a tatkal passport cost compared to a normal passport?

A2: The cost of a tatkal passport is typically higher than that of a normal passport due to the expedited processing and additional services provided.

Q3: What documents are required for a tatkal passport application?

A3: The documentation requirements for a tatkal passport application may vary from country to country. It often includes proof of the urgent travel plans and additional identity or address documents.

Q4: Can I renew my passport through the tatkal scheme?

A4: Some countries allow passport renewal through the tatkal scheme, while others may require a fresh application. It is advisable to check the specific guidelines of your country’s passport authority.

Q5: Are tatkal passports valid for the same duration as normal passports?

A5: Yes, both tatkal passports and normal passports have the same standard validity period as per the passport regulations of the issuing country.

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