10 Differences Between pgdm and mba

Differences between PGDM and MBA

What is PGDM?

A Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a diploma program designed for individuals seeking advanced knowledge and skills in management. It focuses on practical application of concepts and prepares students for specific industries.

Examples of PGDM:

  • PGDM in Marketing
  • PGDM in Finance
  • PGDM in Human Resources

Uses of PGDM:

PGDM programs equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen field of specialization. It prepares them for leadership roles and provides industry-specific training.

What is MBA?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree program aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business and management. It offers a broader perspective and covers a wider range of subjects compared to PGDM.

Examples of MBA:

  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management

Uses of MBA:

An MBA degree opens up a plethora of career opportunities and enhances the employability of individuals. It provides a holistic understanding of business and management principles, making graduates well-equipped for leadership roles.

Differences between PGDM and MBA:

Difference Area PGDM MBA
Duration 1-2 years 2 years
Specialization Industry-specific General business
Curriculum Practical Theoretical
Recognition Autonomous University-affiliated
Eligibility Graduation Graduation + Entrance Exam
Faculty Experienced industry professionals Academicians and industry experts
Overall Perspective Specific industry focus Broader business perspective
Cost Varies depending on the institute Higher than PGDM in most cases
Internship Opportunities Usually offered as part of the curriculum May or may not be included
Flexibility More flexible in terms of curriculum and design Less flexible due to standardized curriculum


In summary, PGDM and MBA are both postgraduate programs in management, but they differ in terms of specialization, curriculum, duration, and recognition. PGDM offers industry-specific training and focuses on practical application, while MBA provides a broader business perspective. The choice between the two depends on an individual’s career goals and preferences.

People Also Ask:

Q: What is the difference between PGDM and MBA?
A: PGDM is a diploma program that offers industry-specific training, while MBA is a degree program that provides a broader business perspective.

Q: Which is better, PGDM or MBA?
A: The choice between PGDM and MBA depends on individual preferences and career goals. PGDM offers specialized knowledge, while MBA provides a broader understanding of business.

Q: Can I pursue a PhD after PGDM?
A: Yes, a PGDM qualification is considered equivalent to an MBA for pursuing a PhD in many universities.

Q: Are PGDM programs recognized by employers?
A: Yes, PGDM programs are recognized and valued by employers as they focus on industry-specific skills and practical application.

Q: Can I switch fields after completing a PGDM or MBA?
A: Yes, both PGDM and MBA provide transferable skills that allow individuals to switch fields within the business domain.

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