Plant Cell vs Animal Cell

Difference between Plant cell and Animal Cell

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All organisms in the universe are divided into two categories Plants and Animals. They consist and organized by Plant cell and Animal Cell . Cell is the basic unit of life. A cell always differs from other cells in shape, size, volume and weight. The study of structure and composition of cells is known as Cytology. Cell is made up of living substance called Protoplasm. The cell was discovered by the Robert Hooke in 1665.

For any organism to function properly cells are important and without cells an organism wont exist. And these cells are also made up of several parts. Here we are going to discuss about the difference between the plant cells and the animal cells.

Plant Cell:

A plant cell actually consist of many different parts. Each cell has its own shape, size, functions and structures. These structures are called organelles. These structures consist of chloroplasts, a large vacuole, and the cell wall. The Chloroplasts are originally found in plant and algae cells. The organelles of the plant cells are so important as they take important part in Photosynthesis. Which means converting the light energy, carbon dioxide and water into nutrients for the plant.

Animal Cell:

An animal cell when compared to the plant cell it is generally smaller in size and doesn’t have any particular cell shape or size because it doesn’t have any cell wall. Here also the cell consists of several structural units called as the organelles. For every particular period of time the cell divides and produces a new cell wall. Animal cells use two types of cell division process. They are Mitosis and meiosis. The cells may either divide by Meiosis type of cell division or Mitosis type of cell division.

Difference between Plant cell and Animal cell

Differentiation of Plant cell and Animal cell:

Plant Cell Animal Cell
Cell Wall
All plant cells have a rigid cell wall They don't have cell wall
They don't have Centrioles They have Centrioles
Food Preparation
Chlorophyll is present for Food preparation They don't have Chlorophyll
Plastids are absent Plastids are present
Large in size Small in size
Mitochondria are less It have generally more
Chromosomes may be present They are absent
Reserved Food
Reserved food is generally starch and fat Reserved food is generally glycogen and fat


Though the plant cell and Animal cell sound same, they’re having several differences like they have their own shape, size and functions. But unlike plant cell the animal cells won’t have any shape or size as it wont have any cell wall and when  compared to plant cell, Animal cells are smaller in size.

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