Plants and Animals

Difference Between Plants and Animals

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From the beginning of the earth every living organism is classified into two types. They are either Plants and Animals. They both have their different life cycles and have their own functions and activities. When coming to plants and animals there are some useful plants and there are some un-useful plants like poisonous plants and coming to animals there are some useful animals which are made as pets and some are wild animals. Plants and Animals play a major role in eco- life cycle

Plants and Animals


Around 4.06 billion hectares of earth are covered with trees and plants. Plants need water and sunlight to sustain life. Plants convert sunlight to energy and this process is called photosynthesis. There are four groups of plants: Mosses, Ferns, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms. Plants have several different parts like vascular tube, Xylem, Phloem, Root, Stems leaves, Flowers etc.,

All plants can reproduce through asexual reproduction using single cell cultures and each grows into a new individual. Plant reproduction has double fertilization: one sperm fertilizes and egg to form as zygote. One cell producing endosperm that supports development of the seed. Some plants use insects to transfer pollen from one flower to another flower and grains from the anthers get into the stigma or usually the another flower.


There are several types of animals like amphibians, Birds, fish, insect, mammals, reptiles and even humans are classified as animals only. Animals mostly feed on plants or other animals to sustain life. Some are treated as wild animals and some animals are treated as pets.

Even the classified animal’s are differed on several basis, some of this are invertebrate those animals without backbone and most abundant in group they are formed by multicellular and most form of tissue organs and organ system and they can produce sexual or Asexual. And coming to vertebrates they share common characteristics including notochord. Gill slits and endoskeleton leads are opening used for respiration that lead to the outside of an animal’s body and The Endoskeleton is an internal skeleton composed of bones and cartilage or both.

Difference Table:

Plants Animals
Plants cannot move on their own Animals can move freely wherever they want
Plants prepare their own food using sunlight and water Animals move from place to place and they feed on plants or other animals
Plants inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen Animals inhales Oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide.
Cell Wall
In plant cell, cell walls are present In animal cells, cell wall is absent
Reproduction Method
In plants asexual reproduction is made In animals they sexually reproduce, but some animals like algae have asexual reproduction.

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