10 Differences Between rashtra gaan and rashtra geet

Difference between Rashtriya Gan and Rashtriya Geet

What is/are Rashtriya Gan?

A Rashtriya Gan is an anthem or a national song of a country. It is a patriotic composition that often represents the cultural, historical, and nationalistic values of a nation. Rashtriya Gan is usually sung on significant national occasions, representing unity, pride, and patriotism.

Examples of Rashtriya Gan:

  • Jana Gana Mana – the national anthem of India
  • Kimigayo – the national anthem of Japan
  • La Marseillaise – the national anthem of France

Uses of Rashtriya Gan:

Rashtriya Gan is commonly used during official government events, international sports competitions, national holidays, and other occasions to express national unity and patriotism. It fosters a sense of identity and pride among citizens.

What is/are Rashtriya Geet?

A Rashtriya Geet, also known as a patriotic song, is a musical composition that expresses love, devotion, and loyalty towards a nation. Unlike the national anthem, Rashtriya Geet is not officially designated as the national song but still holds significant cultural and emotional value.

Examples of Rashtriya Geet:

  • Vande Mataram – a popular Indian patriotic song
  • Maa Tujhe Salaam – an Indian patriotic song by A.R. Rahman
  • God Bless America – a patriotic song in the United States

Uses of Rashtriya Geet:

Rashtriya Geet is widely used in cultural events, social gatherings, patriotic celebrations, and entertainment industry as a means to evoke nationalistic sentiments and highlight the values, traditions, and struggles of a nation.

Differences between Rashtriya Gan and Rashtriya Geet:

Difference Area Rashtriya Gan Rashtriya Geet
Official Status Officially designated as the national anthem Not officially designated as the national song
Composition Type Anthem or song Song
Purpose Represent national unity and pride Express love, devotion, and loyalty towards the nation
Usage Official government events, national holidays, sports competitions, etc. Cultural events, social gatherings, patriotic celebrations, etc.
Formality Formal May be formal or informal
Musical Structure Strictly defined musical composition Varies in musical structure and lyrical content
Recognition Universal recognition as the national anthem Recognized as a patriotic song but not universally
Legislation Protected by specific laws and regulations Not protected by specific laws and regulations
Symbolic Importance Symbolizes the nation as a whole Symbolizes patriotism and cultural identity
Required Etiquette Expected to stand and show respect while it is performed No specific etiquette requirements


In conclusion, Rashtriya Gan and Rashtriya Geet are both forms of patriotic compositions that evoke nationalistic sentiments and express love for the nation. However, Rashtriya Gan holds official status as the national anthem and represents national unity and pride on significant occasions, while Rashtriya Geet, although not officially designated, is widely recognized and used to celebrate patriotism in cultural and social contexts.

People Also Ask:

  • Q: What is the purpose of Rashtriya Gan?
    A: The purpose of Rashtriya Gan is to represent national unity and pride, fostering a sense of identity and patriotism among citizens.
  • Q: Can any patriotic song be considered Rashtriya Geet?
    A: Yes, any song that expresses love, devotion, and loyalty towards the nation can be considered Rashtriya Geet, regardless of official recognition.
  • Q: How does the national anthem differ from a patriotic song?
    A: The national anthem, or Rashtriya Gan, is officially designated, has a strictly defined structure, and symbolizes the nation as a whole. On the other hand, a patriotic song, or Rashtriya Geet, may or may not have official recognition and can vary in structure and lyrical content.
  • Q: Are there any legal implications for disrespecting the national anthem?
    A: Disrespecting the national anthem, based on specific laws and regulations of each country, may result in legal consequences such as fines or imprisonment.
  • Q: Can Rashtriya Geet become the national anthem?
    A: In some cases, a Rashtriya Geet may become a strong contender for the national anthem, but official changes require proper legislation and consensus among authorities.

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