difference between friends and relatives

Difference between Relatives and Friends

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Relatives and Friends are the important one’s in everyone’s life. By having Relatives and Friends we can share our feelings and moments and can enjoy our life up-to extent. There are some famous sayings about Relatives and Friends. They are:

God gives us relatives; thank God, we can choose our friends – Addison Mizner

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives – Euripides

I am convinced that material things can contribute a lot to making one’s life pleasant, but, basically, if you do not have very good friends and relatives who matter to you, life will be really empty and sad and material things cease to be important – David Rockefeller


Relatives are the people who are your blood and heritage. You don’t have a choice to select them, the god selects them for us. Relatives only have a chance to have a conversation with you when there is family ceremonies, birthdays, marriages, etc.


Friends are the people you choose to make friendship with. you have a choice to select your friends. Friends are there for you everyday they share great moments with you, they laugh with you, they cry with you, etc.

Difference between Relatives and Friends:

Now let us see some of the differences and similarities between Relatives and Friends in the below-given table.

Some relatives are like friends, you can share everything with them. Some friends are like relatives, you may not be able to share your views with them freely.
Relatives sometimes criticize you without any proper reason and sometimes they praise you for your achievements. Friends never ever criticize or praise you when you win or lose. All they say is congratulations and ask for a treat.
Helping Nature
Relatives may or may not help you in tough situations. Good friends will stand behind you in tough situations and bad friends will leave you.
Did They Know About You ?
Relatives know very less about your habits, character, etc but they try to judge you. A good friend knows everything about you more than your family knows about you.
Self Motive
Relatives sometimes have self-interest behind their motives. Friends may also have self-interest behind their friendship with you.
Relatives gossip about other relatives in presence of your family. Friends gossip about movie stars, politicians, teachers, etc which is more fun.
Envy Nature
Relatives pretend to be happy about your achievements but are jealous of you inside their heart. Friends do not envy you, they are truly supportive and understanding.
Money Matters
You can never discuss your money matters with your relatives. Friends help you in your money problems and if you are need of money they will lend you also.
Relatives are already your family but some of them try to avoid you for various jealous reasons. Friends are not your family but good friends act like your family by offering trust and support to you.
Bad Habits
Relatives complain to your parents if they saw you addicted to bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc. Friends will acquaint you when you are attracted towards bad habits. they act like your partner in crime.


Every individual have his own opinion about friends and relatives in their life. Some people have good relatives, some have good and trustworthy friends and many of us have both good and bad relatives and friends. Both relatives and friends are equally important to every individual. They constitute our social strength, they are the ones who hold our hand in problems and give us advice, help, etc to live a happy life.

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