differences between sales and marketing

Difference Between Sales and Marketing

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Are sales and marketing different? Yes, There is a difference between sales and marketing.  In general very few people knows about it. But both the terms have only one end goal.


Definition of Sale: A sale is a transaction between two are more parties in exchange of goods and services for money.

Selling is a narrow concept which is more like a contract between seller and buyer. The buyer receives the product and seller gets money in exchange. A sale is a part of marketing.

Example: We go to shop and purchase Good X and the shopkeeper receives the payment there the sale ends.


Definition of marketing by Philip Kotler: The king of the marketing Philip Kotler explained marketing as “meeting the needs of your customer at a profit”.

Marketing is broad concept it involves marketing research, marketing mix, marketing functions, after sale services etc; The main objective of marketing is increase in demand and revenue through customer satisfaction.

Example: Marketing starts much before and continues after the sale in the form of services. When a customer purchases motor bike, the service after sale comes under marketing.

let us discuss some important differences between Sales and Marketing :

Difference between Sales and Marketing

1. Starting point
Sales start after the production process is done and ends with handing over the money to the seller by the buyer. Marketing starts with research of consumer needs and wants, preferences etc; and it continues even after the sale is done.
2. Objectives
The main aim of sales is a transfer of ownership of goods and services to the buyer. Marketing main aim is to fulfil the customer needs and wants with their preferences.
3. Focus
Selling main focus is on earning profits through maximization of sales Marketing focuses on earning profits through customer satisfaction
4. Concept
Selling is a narrow concept Marketing is a broad concept.
5. Duration
Selling has a short term business plan Marketing has a long term business plan.
6. Emphasis
The selling concept revolves around the needs of the company The marketing concept revolves around the needs of the customers.
7. Approach
The approach of the selling concept is fragmented The marketing concept approach is integrated.
8. Strategy
Selling concept follows push strategy Pull strategy is followed by marketing.


So, when we compare sales is a subset of marketing and when they are aligned, the business is poised to attract and generates more revenue. Understanding top differences better allows the both concepts to operate more effectively with each other.


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