10 Differences Between society and community

Difference between Society and Community

Difference between Society and Community

What is Society?

A society refers to a group of individuals who share a common geographic territory, culture, and social structure. It involves a larger and more complex network of people with various interactions and relationships.

Examples of Society:

  • American society
  • Indian society
  • Japanese society

Uses of Society:

Society plays a crucial role in shaping individual behavior, cultural norms, and societal values. It provides a platform for people to interact, collaborate, and establish social, economic, and political systems.

What is Community?

A community refers to a smaller and more localized group of people who share common characteristics, interests, and goals. It involves a sense of belonging within a particular area or a specific group.

Examples of Community:

  • Online gaming community
  • Religious community
  • Neighborhood community

Uses of Community:

Community provides support, socialization, and a sense of identity to its members. It fosters collaboration, shared resources, and mutual assistance in achieving shared goals or addressing common issues.

Differences between Society and Community:

Difference Area Society Community
Type of Group A large and complex group A smaller and localized group
Geographic Scope May span an entire country or even the world Usually limited to a specific area
Interactions People may not personally know everyone in society People have more direct personal interactions
Boundaries Fluid and not always well-defined Clear boundaries within the community
Size Larger in size Smaller in size
Identity People may have multiple identities within society People identify with a specific community
Structure Complex hierarchical structure Relatively more informal structure
Culture Diverse range of cultures within society Shared culture within the community
Impact Society influences individual behavior and vice versa Community directly influences individual behavior
Primary Focus Focuses on broader aspects of life Focuses on specific interests or goals


In summary, society refers to a larger and more complex group of individuals sharing a common territory and culture, while community refers to a smaller and more localized group with common characteristics and interests. Society influences individuals at a broader level, whereas community directly affects individual behavior and goals.

People Also Ask:

Q: What is the importance of society?

A: Society provides a platform for socialization, collaboration, shared values and norms, and the establishment of social, economic, and political systems.

Q: How do communities contribute to society?

A: Communities contribute to society by fostering collaboration, mutual support, shared resources, and addressing common issues or goals.

Q: Can a person be part of multiple communities?

A: Yes, individuals can be part of multiple communities, each catering to different aspects of their lives or interests.

Q: How do societies and communities shape individual behavior?

A: Societies influence individual behavior through the establishment of cultural norms, while communities directly shape behavior through shared interests, values, and goals.

Q: What is the relationship between society and community?

A: Communities are subsets of society, representing smaller and more specific groups within a larger societal structure.

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