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Differences between Respiration and Combustion

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Respiration and combustion are two important processes in the body of every living organism for surviving. This article concentrates on analyzing the differences between respiration and combustion.


Respiration is an Energy releasing process in which the glucose is oxidized with the help of oxygen and the breakdown of glucose releases the energy. In animals there are special organs for respiration, in plants gaseous exchange occurs by diffusion method.


Combustion is the process of burning something to get energy. During combustion, the heat is supplied on to Sugar the sugar first chars and then gives the flame. The sugar releases energy in the form of heat at a time. From this we can define combustion as a process of Burning the sugar to get energy.


Respiration is the process of oxidation of food materials like glucose, Amino acids, fatty acids to water and carbon dioxide. Combustion is the process of burning sugar to form water and carbon dioxide which helps in the release of energy in the form of heat
Respiration does not require any external heat to carry on the process. Combustion is only done by applying external heat to the sugar molecule to burn.
In respiration, there is no charring of sugar occurs during oxidation of Sugar. In combustion, the sugar is melted, Chars and later burns to produce flame.
In respiration, energy is released in several stages throughout the process. In combustion, Energy is released only once.
The energy released from respiration is in the form of ATP and heat. The energy released from compassion is in the form of heat.
Several intermediary products are formed during the process of respiration. No intermediary products are formed during the process of combustion.
Respiration is of two types aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration. The combustion is also called as process of rapid oxidation.


⦿ Both respiration and combustion require oxygen and both produce energy.

⦿ Energy is released in the form of heat in both respiration and combustion.

⦿ Heat is required for both the respiration and combustion to carry on the process.

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