10 Differences Between academic and general ielts

Differences between Academic and General IELTS

What is Academic IELTS?

Academic IELTS is a test specifically designed for individuals who plan to pursue higher education or professional registration in an English-speaking country. It assesses the English language skills required for academic purposes.

Examples of Academic IELTS

1. Writing an essay analyzing a given graph or chart.

2. Reading and comprehending academic articles or journals.

3. Listening to lectures and answering related questions.

4. Speaking about a given academic topic.

What is General IELTS?

General IELTS is a test for individuals who wish to migrate to English-speaking countries or undertake non-academic training programs. It focuses on assessing practical and everyday English language skills.

Examples of General IELTS

1. Writing a letter explaining a particular situation.

2. Reading and comprehending everyday texts, such as advertisements or brochures.

3. Listening to conversations and answering related questions.

4. Speaking about personal experiences or opinions.

Differences between Academic and General IELTS

Difference Area Academic IELTS General IELTS
Test Purpose Designed for academic purposes. Designed for migration and non-academic purposes.
Writing Task 1 Describing data presented in a graph or chart. Writing a letter to convey information.
Writing Task 2 Writing an essay discussing a particular topic. Writing an essay presenting arguments or opinions.
Reading Materials Includes academic articles, journals, and textbooks. Includes everyday texts, such as advertisements and notices.
Listening Section Involves academic lectures and discussions. Involves everyday conversations and monologues.
Speaking Topics Related to academic subjects and research. Related to personal experiences and opinions.
Scoring Criteria Focuses on the ability to perform in academic settings. Focuses on practical communication skills for daily life.
Applicability Required for university admissions and professional registration. Required for immigration and general communication purposes.
Task Time Limits Slightly longer time limits for each section. Shorter time limits for each section.
Test Takers Intended for individuals pursuing higher education. Intended for individuals seeking migration or vocational training.


In summary, Academic IELTS is geared towards individuals planning to study in an English-speaking country, while General IELTS is more suitable for those migrating or seeking non-academic opportunities. The test content, writing tasks, reading materials, and scoring criteria differ significantly between the two types of IELTS.

People Also Ask

1. Can I take Academic IELTS for immigration purposes?

No, if your purpose is immigration, you should take the General IELTS.

2. Are the speaking topics completely different?

While the topics may differ, both tests aim to assess your overall English language proficiency.

3. Are the reading passages more challenging in Academic IELTS?

Yes, Academic IELTS reading passages are usually more complex as they are designed to test academic reading skills.

4. If I want to study abroad and migrate later, which test should I take?

You should take the Academic IELTS for your study abroad plans and, if needed, take the General IELTS at a later stage for migration purposes.

5. Can I use the same score for both Academic and General IELTS?

No, the scores of Academic and General IELTS are not interchangeable as they assess different skills and purposes.

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