difference between afforestation and deforestation

Difference Between Afforestation and Deforestation

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In a general scenario, Trees are vital not only to us but to the entire environment. The terms Afforestation and Deforestation, both related to trees, are polar opposites or antonyms of one another.

What is forest?

The word forest is very similar to everyone, what does it mean?? Forest is a widely covered area with trees and undergrowth.

  • It has a wide variety of natural habitats of animals and plants and they help in regulating the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 
  • Forests prevent global warming by keeping the air clean and they take in all the carbon dioxide. 
  • They regulate the water cycle and prevent air, water, land and noise pollutions
  • Forests are rich sources of different products that are used by human beings namely fruits, vegetables, wood, honey wax, medical products, spices, oil etc; 

What is Afforestation??

The process of planting trees in unproductive areas and thereby increasing the forest land on earth is called afforestation and this process directly helps the environment of the earth.

To make the whole ecosystem eco-friendly many governments and non-government organizations took the initiative to improve and increase the forest area.

It helps to regulate oxygen and prevents global warming which leads to a favorable atmosphere by preventing pollution.

What is Deforestation?

The process of demolishing the forest on a large scale is called deforestation. Human Beings undergo this process in order to find more space for their habitat. However, this leads to several ill-effects such as:

  • Animal & plants lose their habitats
  • Leads to change in climate.
  • The water cycle gets disturbed
  • Leads to increased pollution.

Deforestation is slowly destroying the most productive flora and fauna areas in the world.

Summarize the difference between afforestation and deforestation.

Difference between Afforestation and Deforestation:

Afforestation Deforestation
It is a process of planting trees in unproductive land and increasing the forestland. The process of demolishing the forest on a large scale is called deforestation.
It helps in increasing the land of forest and leads to the environment of the earth. People undergo this process in order to find more space for their habitat.
It makes a positive impact on the earth. It has a negative impact on the earth.
Soil erosion
It prevents soil erosion by maintaining a favorable temperature. Soil erosion occurs when the weathered soil particles are dislodged and carried away by wind or water and extremes temperatures, precipitation including acid rain.
It helps in regulating oxygen and carbon dioxide. It negatively impacts the regulating process of the elements.

Bottom line: 

As a result of the preceding discussion, the difference between Afforestation and deforestation we can conclude that afforestation is the best process to refresh and make the environment eco friendly and deforestation leads to many negative impacts not only in the short run but in the long run.


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