Difference between Area and Volume

Difference Between Area and Volume

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A volume is three-dimensional while an area is two-dimensional. The area is displayed as a plain figure, whereas the volume is represented as a solid. Space is covered by area, and capacity is covered by volume and the Difference between Area and Volume is detailed below

What is Area

The area could be a measure of what quantity of space there’s inside a shape. Computing the world of a shape or surface will be useful in lifestyle – as an example, you will have to understand how much paint to shop for to hide a wall or what proportion grass seed you wish to sow a lawn.
In geometry, the area may be defined because of the space occupied by a flat or the surface of an object. The area of a figure is that the number of unit squares that cover the surface of a figure. the area is measured in square units like square centimetres, square feet, square inches, etc.

What is Volume

Volume refers to the quantity of space inside the three-dimensional object surrounded by a closed surface, i.e. it defines the space that the body contains. A cubic meter is that the SI unit of Volume. In simple terms, the quantity of an object is nothing but its capacity. as an example, Suppose there’s a hollow bottle, that the volume is that the quantity of liquid it can hold. Below you’ll find the formula for the volume of varied objects


Figure Area Volume
Square a2
Rectangle L x B
Cube 2( lb + bh + hl ) l x b x h
Cylinder 2π × r × h πr2×h

Difference Between Area and Volume

Area Volume
Area refers to the space occupied by a shape when it is placed on the surface Volume is the total capacity of a particular object
The area has simple shapes Volume has shapes like tanks, suitcases and glasses it is generally has a solid shape with an a-hallow inside
The area is measured in square units Volume is measured in cubic units
Deals with
Area deals with Two-dimensional shapes The volume deals with Three-dimensional shapes
Square, rectangle, Circle etc Cube, Sphere, etc


Therefore, the above comparison has given you a good idea of Difference Between Area and Volume in how the two mathematical concepts differ in their measurement and usage. An object’s area refers to how much space it occupies while its volume corresponds to how much space it occupies inside.

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