Difference Between Coding and Programming

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Difference Between Coding and Programming? Are coding and programming the same or are they different. Most people have an assumption that coding and programming are the same but they are not. If they are not the same how are they different? Coding is basically the act of translating code from human language to machine-based language. Programming is the process of developing an executable software program that is implemented without any errors. It is the programmer’s job to analyze a problem in the code and provide solutions. Coding is a part of programming that deals with writing code that a machine can translate. Programming is the process of creating a program that follows certain standards and performs a certain task.

What is Coding?

Differences between Coding and Programming

Coding can be used to translate human language to machine language. It can be referred to as a subset of programming since it is the basic step in programming. Coding can be used to provide instructions and information to the computer using different programming languages like JAVA, C, PYTHON.

A computer can only understand binary language which is written in the form of 0 and 1 so a coder helps to transform the given language to the form of machine language. Coding is just a part of programming, a programmer is required to learn a lot more things like knowledge, awareness, experience, and other required analytical skills.

The people who are occupied in coding work as per the received instructions. When the code is being implemented, debugging, code testing, and quality analysis were executed. Coding can be used for writing codes to create a software program this can be any application, website, or game is a program.

What is Programming?

Differences between Coding and Programming

Programming can be a very big aspect than coding, it is an executable part of the program which is executed without any issues. A programmer’s job is to provide a code that can be used for the application. To create an application, several steps are to be followed, including planning, designing, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Programming deals with coding and helps in analyzing algorithms, data structures, and other related issues. Programming has a wider scope and helps in writing various codes in many languages.

Difference Between Coding and Programming

CODING Programming
Translation of natural language into a machine-level program. Development of a fully functioning software.
Translating the requirement logic into machine code. Analysis and conceptualization, debugging, compiling, testing, and implementation.
Text-editors such as Wordpad or Notepad, IDE such as Eclipse, Bootstrap. Tools for analysis, code generator, database, data structure, testing frameworks, linkers, compilers, code editors, GUI designers, assemblers, debuggers, performance analysis tools.
Basic knowledge of programming languages such as C, Java, C#. Analytical skills, writing complex programs, data structures, and algorithms.
Trial and error approach with no previous preparations. An orderly approach and attention to minute details.
A functional code. An application, software, or website
Broad community support from Stackoverflow, Github, Toptal, SAP Network depending on coder’s requirements. Broad community support from Stackoverflow, Github, Toptal, SAP Network depending on programmer’s requirements.

How Coding and Programming Work Together

By now you probably understand the differences between the two terms. Now, how do coding and programming work together to accomplish various tasks?

For example, imagine we are creating an app to monitor something like our daily routine. How will these two fields work together?

First, the programmer will have to:

  • plan the structure of the app,
  • write down features of the app
  • design the app
  • and think of any other features that should be included in the app.

After the programmer is done with these steps, they hand it over to the coder. Now the coder will come in and transform those ideas into code that the computer can understand. After this magical process is done, the completed code is given back to the programmer.

Now the programmer will go through the code do some polishing by debugging, checking for errors, and doing tests before publishing the user product.
Now you can see how these two fields have come together to work on an idea and produce something useful to create something new.


Finally, people are always in a perplexity to think both coding and programming are the same but not, various factors differ in both programming and coding. But coding and programming are both necessary to create an application or a website. Coding is the primary step that translates the code requirements, which can be further elucidated to the machine comprehensible language in the binary format. Still programming deals with the executable concepts which can be used to produce the mechanical outputs presented by the inputs, this requires a thorough knowledge about various concepts to make the proper function of the software development programs.

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