Difference between Physical change and Chemical change

Difference Between Physical change and Chemical change

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here’s what you want to know about the Difference between Physical change and Chemical change You come across many changes in your environment every day. Physical changes occur when a substance undergoes a change in its physical properties, while chemical changes occur when new substances are produced.

What is Physical change

Difference between Physical change and Chemical change

A physical change doesn’t cause a substance to become a different substance but a chemical change causes a substance to alter into something chemically new. Blending a smoothie, as an example, involves two physical changes: the change within the shape of every fruit and also the mixing together of the many different pieces of fruit. Because none of the chemicals within the smoothie components are changed during blending (the water and vitamins from the fruit are unchanged, for example), we all know that no chemical changes are involved. Physical changes are limited to changes that result in a difference in the display without changing the composition

Physical change is that the reasonably change where the matter switches into another form. Here, the chemical properties don’t change. as an example, after you tear a paper, it’ll only change its shape and size. However, the properties are identical. Similarly, when water turns into ice or vapour, the chemical properties remain identical, only the physical state changes. Thus, this may facilitate your understanding of the difference between physical and activity better. An activity doesn’t bring any alternation of any kind on the chemical properties. Moreover, the changes are usually reversible and temporary.

What is Chemical change

A chemical change is that the exact opposite of state change. It ends up in a brand new product after the reaction. for example, after you burn a chunk of paper or wood, it’ll grow to be ash. Thus, there’s a change within the composition of the fabric forming a replacement product. In other words, chemical changes do alter the properties of a substance throughout the reaction. it’s because the atoms plus molecules of the substances start rearranging themselves to create a brand new product.

Moreover, these changes aren’t easily reversible they’re irreversible. So, it’s a permanent change that alters the freezing point, taste, colour and more. Chemical changes, on the other hand, are quite different. A chemical change occurs when the composition is changed. if bonds are broken and new ones are formed then the chemical change occurs

Difference Between Physical change and Chemical change

Physical Change Chemical Change
It is the change that occurs without changing the chemical composition It is the change that occurs with the change of chemical composition
It is usually reversible It is non-reversible or irreversible
New products
No new products are formed with the physical change new products can be formed with the physical change
Produce no energy Produce energy
Property changes
It can only affect physical property it can affect both physical and chemical property


Therefore, it becomes clear that the primary Difference between Physical change and Chemical change is that physical changes can be reversed while chemical changes are usually irreversible.

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