Work from Home vs Work from Office

Difference between Work from Office and Work from Home

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Are you an employee? Which type of working model do you prefer? Work from Home and Work from Office? The concept of Work from Home has gained huge popularity since the outbreak of Covid-19. Most of the companies has to suddenly change their working model to work from home, due to the impact of the Covid-19. So now lets take a peek and find which type of work model suits best for the current growing society and growing Business Environment.

              Most of the survey’s said that the Employee’s productivity has increased up-to 65% while they’re Working from Homes which is also a beneficiary factor for the companies. But some companies require man power at work/ office which brings them a great output variance for the companies.

              To know about the difference between the Work from Home and Work from Office we has to look through two perceptions, The Employee’s perception and the Company’s Perception. Because there will be a huge difference between either of their perception’s due to several factors which impact them. Now let’s consider some of those factors.

Difference between Work from Office and Work from Home

Difference between Work from Office and Work from Home:

Employee's Productivity
Employees are used to their home place which will boost up their energy and increases Employee's productivity most of the employees lack their motivation on their way of journey to the office but some are used for Work from Office
Employees won’t have a particular time. They’ll be having only targeted time which means the employee can work anytime in their home, it may be after lunch, day break, etc., but they has to finish their work within the targeted time. This time freeness will also boost up the employee’s mindset of work In Work from office it has a particular time zone and particular working hours. Some of the employees maybe used to that working hours and some may not be.
Financial Factor
Employee's can save a lot of efforts and as well as finance. Not only the Employee but also the Company can save huge money as most of the Employees work from their Homes it can help the company save their working costs, power bills, building maintenance charges etc., In Work from Office the Employee will have travelling expenses and also puts a lot of effort in Office
Fresher's Guidance
A draw back in Work from Home is that when a fresher is hired he can’t be looked after and trained well in the work from Home. The fresher has to learn all the work virtually. So he may not perform the activities well. Any new fresher recruited will be trained under an eligible team leader in which he can train the fresher under his guidance and correct any flaws done by the fresher
Communication Channels
Another drawback is that every employee should have proper communication channels in Work from Home. Lack of proper communication not only consumes time but also effects the performance of the business. In the Office there would be proper communication which would help to do the work more effectively
Team Building
In Work from Home it can’t be easy to build a team and manage them Virtually. In the work from office the Manager can easily lead the Team find any flaws in their work, correct them and organize the Team in a Proper manner
Team Coordination
In Work from Home the Team Coordination lacks and each member performs their task Individually. In Work from Office all the Team members will be gathered at free times and spend their time together which improves team coordination and they work together in any task


             When we compare either of the working concepts Work from Office and Work from Home, Work from office has more drawbacks that the work from Home. Work from office consumes lot of Human effort and companies financial effort. And the Work from Home increases the Employee’s motivation to work and their working ability and also helps in the Company’s growth. So, we can perceive that work from home is good working concept when compared to the Work from office.

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